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*** All classes are non refundable, however we are happy to transfer your credit to an upcoming class in the case of absolute emergency.
Thanks! ***


Another journey back to simpler times with DGM! This time we're churning up a great time with homemade butter! Quality is Queen, so we use vat pasteurized, local cream  that is heated to the minimum required temp in order to retain it's natural enzymes and bacteria that are beneficial  to us!


We're going to teach you the simple art of making butter from scratch for a more natural and delicious option than your store bought alternative. 


Don't worry! You won't be presented with a massive churner and put to work! 

We'll have everything you need in class and you'll leave with your own butter to take home!

Sourdough bread anyone? We always test our fresh butter with homemade sourdough so come ready to snack!


See you in class!


Butter from Scratch!

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