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This relax sack can be heated up or cooled for migaines!  We've held off on the overwhelming scents and made sure to include a sturdy washable, 100% cotton cover, so you can share! We use organic flaxseeds to ensure you having the only the best of the best next to you. Enjoy!

Relax Sack, Unscented

3 Pounds
  • Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds (if you like it extra toasty) ALWAYS heat test before use! We're going for relaxation, remember? If you're like us and not a huge fan of the microwave, you can set it on the lowest rack of your oven at 300 and check it for warmth after about ten minutes.  Our favorite hack for midwest winters is to toss our relax sacks at the foot of the bed about ten minutes before bedtime!  Stay Cozy friends!

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