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By purchasing this handmade in Michigan tee set, you're reducing the waste of the original garment (tee shirt) by 90%. (Yay for reducing waste!) These are designed to roll at the waste and acommodate little bellies without  restriction! Each set is one of kind and makes a thoughtful, environmentally concious gift for a new little that you love!

Tee Pant Set

  • Every tee used to create a tee set is hand picked in Michigan thrift store. They are all made with a majority of the material being cotton with an occasional blend.

    In addition to thrift stores often benefiting local charities, they’re usually involved in community-based programs. Some thrift stores are known to provide job training, employment placement services, and other barriers that may otherwise get in the way of getting work.


    It takes 400 gallons to grow enough cotton to grow a single tee shirt.  you're giving the garment you purchase through DGM a second or even possibly third life- Amazing!

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